Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Labour welcomes ‘new beginning for Bedlington’ as LIDL announce multi million investment in new store

Labour welcomes ‘new beginning for Bedlington’ as LIDL announce multi million investment in new store
New store will see new choices for shoppers in town as multi million public/private regeneration plan gears up

Labour councillors representing Bedlington have welcomed the news that European retail giant LIDL will be coming to the town describing it as a ‘boost for local residents and economy alike’. The investment will see a multi-million pound store, purpose built to serve local shoppers and it will mean 40 new jobs too.

Local residents have welcomed the decision by the firm to locate a new shop in the town and local councillor Alyson Wallace has been inundated with support for the shop with a residents welcoming new shopping opportunities. Her Facebook post announcing the news received over 100 likes from delighted residents within hours of posting.  

The LIDL investment is part of a wider investment programme agreed by the German retail giants which is likely to see 6 stores built across Northumberland and which will see hundreds of jobs created or safeguarded. 

Labour are pointing to a renewed zeal for private investment in the town to complement council secured investment as the council gears up to begin its consultation on the regeneration of the town and its infrastructure in October and the news comes on the back of announcements of £135,000 investment in Gallagher Park and the recently secured green flag status for Dr Pit Park. There is also a private sector led planning application granted to local construction giants Dysart on the old Bedlington school site and councillors have also secured ‘real access’ to the new, state of the art sporting facilities at the new Bedlington High School for residents of the town.

And the Labour councillors slammed Conservative government cuts to local government budgets saying that ‘the cuts have damaged and impacted negatively on Bedlington’ and that the cuts have meant a renewed need to find and support private sector investment across the county.  

Labour councillor Alyson Wallace welcomed the news and said
“We’re passionate about creating a town that punches above its weight in tough economic times.
As councillors we’ll make sure that the county council recognises the unique needs and attributes of the town and the LIDL investment is an exciting opportunity to provide new retail and job opportunities for residents. 

Everyone felt the closure of Tesco’s keenly but we’ve moved quickly through ARCH to first secure the site and now create a new retail opportunity for residents. While we must attract private sector investment in to supplement council investment it won’t be at any price and we’ll be seeking assurances and lobbying hard to make sure that the old school site lives up to local expectations. 

We’re now gearing up for the consultation on new phases of regeneration of Bedlington in October and we’re confident that by working with local residents we can really allow Bedlington to ‘punch above its weight’.”

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