Tuesday, 15 September 2015

County Councillor Deirdre Campbell letter – Laverock Hall Road proposal

Dear Sir
I want to take this opportunity to bring to the attention of your readers, a new plan to reconfigure roads around a new development under construction in Newsham submitted by Miller Homes.
At the time of the original planning application which was granted, the developers failed to mention their plans to change the configuration of the roads around the site which, in my humble opinion, will potentially turn the residents of Laverock Hall Road, Benridge Park and the Oval estate into virtual hostages of massively increased traffic flows.
I feel the developers are playing fast and loose with the safety of local children in those areas who, at the moment, can get to the new play park in relative safety because the current configuration allows for busses only.
The developers (whose primary aim is to make a profit), interests are directly conflicted with mine as a local councillor. It’s my job to fight for local concerns like this and fight I will.
The proposals are currently to be consulted on but residents can be rest assured that I will make their case strongly and I will make sure that site developers know that their pursuit of profit has to be tempered against the road safety of residents, in particular, children.
The developers have left themselves open to the accusation that they are being less than transparent and I would go further and directly put on record that it is unacceptable to change the planning application at such a late stage.
If residents want to register their concerns they should address their petitions or letters to Terry Luck, Northumberland County Council, Loansdean, Morpeth. http://trafficconsult.northumberland.gov.uk
 or they can contact me directly on 01670 355242.
Deirdre Campbell,

Newsham Ward
County Councillor

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