Saturday, 7 May 2016

Cllrs lose patience as construction site is branded ‘out of control’


 Developer and land owner urged to get together and sort out ‘nuisance saga of ‘Lake Do Nowt’
 Local Labour Cllr Susan Davey has called time on a long running ‘buck passing’ exchange between a housing builder Gleeson Homes and a local land owner Harworth Estates.

She’s launched an online petition which she says will highlight at the highest levels within Northumberland County Council chaotic development of a site on Malvins Road in Blyth. She’s acting after her own year-long campaign to get the land owners to deal with a huge drainage problem which locals have branded ‘Lake Do Nowt’ as the land owner has failed to do anything to rectify the problems on their land. Cllr Davey who represents Cowpen ward on the County Council says she’s fed up with delays and she’s demanding urgent action before the site becomes a ‘public danger’.

She’s receive dozens of complaints from fed up local residents who fear the ‘lake’ poses a danger to public health and she’s urging local residents to sign up to her petition which is urging the County Council to use its full powers to get the housing company and the land owner to act to resolve the saga. Residents are dismayed that the housing company has secured a closure order for part of Malvins Road and could close the vital through fare for up to 1 year and Cllr Davey has now moved to raise the issue within the council’s petitions committee. This means the council is obliged to provide an official response to the motion for petition.

Cllr Susan Davey said

“I’m shocked that the company and the landowner have been allowed to play with this very serious issue of public health. I believe planning obligations are being flouted and I’m demanding that the County Council planners apply the rules fairly to this development. I know that the issues with the surface water on ‘Lake Do Nowt’ will pose a threat to public safety. In some parts, it is 4 feet deep and I shudder to think what would happen if children found themselves in this eyesore. This needs to be sorted now and I’ll be working hard to make sure it does. The petition will show the council the strength of public feeling. We’ve literally received dozens of representations from local residents and I agree with them, they shouldn’t have to live with the incompetence of developers, landowners and officials. I won’t rest until we resolve this eyesore issue and I’m urging every resident who is outraged by ‘Lake Do Nowt’ and the road closures to sign up to the petition. The more signatures the more pressure to sort out this dangerous mess”.    




Notes to Editor

Petition Motion lodged with Northumberland County Council

“We the undersigned believe that the housing developer, Gleeson Homes, should minimise the period Malvins Road is closed to public traffic. The further extension for one year of the current closure order enables the housing development company to install services and surface water drainage without taking the clearance of surface water flooding at the edge of this site into consideration. We demand that either Malvins Road is reopened immediately or that the developer and the landowners implement a full shared surface water drainage scheme to remove the public nuisance and danger caused by the landfill of this development site”.

·         Local residents have branded the ‘unnatural Lake’ ‘Lake Do Nowt’ because they feel nobody is dealing with the problem.

·         The developer is Gleeson Homes

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