Tuesday, 17 May 2016


“We’re trying to bring the community together but sadly UKIP are seemingly intent on dividing our communities” – Cllr Susan Davey

A Labour councillor leading a ‘grass roots campaign’ to resolve a ‘dangerous flooding issue’ in her community has hit out at attempts by local UKIP activists to ‘politicise’ a community issue.

The flooded area on Malvins Road in Blyth has attracted widespread criticism with Cllr Davey branding it ‘potentially dangerous’ and has urged the companies and landowners involved to ‘sort out the problem’.

Cllr Susan Davey’s campaign includes a petition which has attracted hundreds of signatures and local support you can sign up

Now Cllr Susan Davey is urging local UKIP ‘activists’ to get behind her campaign to resolve the development issues around the area nicknamed ‘Lake Do Nowt’ by some locals and not to make this matter a ‘party political issue’.

Cllr Susan Davey said
“I’d urge UKIP to get behind this community led campaign and to resist their usual urge to seek to gain political capital from a serious issue. I’ve been clear with all involved in this matter that it must be resolved quickly and decisively after a unacceptably long wait. My fear is seeking to make this political as UKIP are seemingly trying to do will make the flood issues harder not easier to resolve. If UKIP want to get involved in the community campaign they could start by signing the petition, we launched on 6 May. We’ve got to stand together on this campaign and it’s not the time for any kind of divisive ‘politicking’. 

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