Thursday, 25 August 2016



Senior Morpeth Conservative ‘using fake community group’ to smear a local Labour councillor in Bedlington
A senior Conservative Cllr David Bawn has been unmasked as the man behind a so-called ‘dirty tricks’ campaign using a supposed Bedlington community group ‘What Bedlington Wants’ on social media to further his party’s political ambitions. Bawn, who represents Morpeth for the Conservatives was the administrator of a Facebook page which sought to present itself as a ‘non-political’ community driven campaign group for Bedlington. Another Conservative supporter who was prominent on the site is Barbara Hall who is believed to be considering standing for the Conservatives in Bedlington in next year’s local elections.

Labour councillor Alyson Wallace who was targeted in a Conservative led smear campaign which alleged she had been deselected by the Labour party slammed the apparent use of a so-called community group to ‘sneak the Tories in through the back door’ as ‘deceptive and sneaky’.

Cllr Wallace said

“Not only were the Tory smears against me untrue but the way they set up this so called community group was deceptive, underhand and designed to split our community. My fellow Bedlington Labour councillors and myself are fully committed to delivering the changes the people of the Town need and I won’t be bullied by a third rate Tory dirty tricks campaign into stopping that. We’ve already attracted over £25m investment into Bedlington through investment in the school, a new shopping area and in our parks and open spaces yet the Tory campaign says that they’ll say no to everything that we propose.

It seems that local Tories are happy to have their strings pulled by a Morpeth Councillor who really should be concentrating on his area rather than pulling this type of crude dirty tricks stunt in Bedlington. The people of our town deserve more than underhand Tory tactics designed to divide rather than unite”.

A local resident told me that ‘What Bedlington Wants’ is no Tory dirty tricks and I have to agree with that sentiment.

“For the avoidance of doubt and to scotch the Conservative lies, I will be standing for election next year and residents can judge me on our actions rather than Tory smears and lies”.


  1. Very amusing! You guys are getting desperate. Yes a Bedlington resident did set up a Facebook group to discuss matters relating to her town. She was thinking about standing for the Council and was open about this.

    However after getting relentlessly trolled by certain people, she gave up on the idea and closed the site.

    A disgusting episode of online bullying. As many Labour MPs have found- the worst of the trolls had "Vote Corbyn" banners on their profile pictures.

    Cllr Wallace, was barely mentioned in the group to my recollection- the main debate was whether the Make A Noise for Bedlington Group's announcement they will be running candidates against Labour will affect the town.

    Nice try though!

    Best wishes

    David Bawn

    Nice stolen pic of me finishing the Druridge Bay Parkrun. How about me and local member Cllr Scotty Dickinson compete and run the 5k against each other? Loser donates to chosen charity of the winner?

  2. In response to the article claiming
    Labour councillor Alyson Wallace who was targeted in a Conservative led smear campaign which alleged she had been deselected by the Labour party, this was not posted by either David Bawn or myself. In fact it was announced by Sharon Corson. Please amend your article accordingly. Regards Barbara

  3. Is this written by the same author of the "Northumberland Mercury Blogspot"..! They are also rattled by those holding this dreadful Labour administration to account .. You don't suppose it is written "in house"..!?