Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Since 2013, we’ve worked hard in Northumberland to keep education on an improving track. Being jammed between Scotland and the rest of England, we’re sometimes the forgotten county when funding for schools is doled out by Government, yet we’ve delivered and plan to deliver a series of improvements that will make schools better places for our children's education both now and into the future.

Following on from the last Labour Administration in Northumberland prior to 2008, who delivered 14 new schools under the ‘putting the Learner First’ program we have worked hard since 2013 to emulate our former Councillors and deliver the vision successfully kick started by them. 

We have just given the go ahead to build a new Morpeth First school on the County Hall site, and a major Capital Investment for the James Calvert School federation in Amble both essential improvements projects to help young people learn in better environments.

We have delivered the modernisation of Ashington High School that was really necessary almost a decade ago, The Lib Dem/Tory coalition ignored it, but we bit the bullet and undertook the work. 

In Bedlington we haven’t just delivered a new High School, we have also included a dry side sports centre for Community use managed out of school time by our leisure partners, Active Northumberland.

In Prudhoe a brand new school was opened this year with enhanced sports facilities to improve the health as well the education for those children lucky enough to attend that school and at its recent Ofsted was shown to be improving greatly giving youngsters a far better chance in life than when the old outdated school sat on that site.

In Alnwick we have worked with Northumberland Estates to build an iconic new school that will become the pride of the town over the next few years.

Our biggest plans to date is a new school in Ponteland with a Leisure Centre and Arts Centre integrated on the same site. Our near neighbours in Durham have delivered a similar project and were excited to get this project off the ground to achieve even better results in one of our prime rural locations.

Along with a great Governor team we are also planning to fulfil their vision and build a future proofed school on the Astley site at Seaton Delaval over the next couple of years it will be a true community school in the image of the current school and will bring benefits to the whole Seaton Valley community whilst raising educational standards for those villages in the urban coalfield that sometimes miss out due to their close proximity to the Tyneside Conurbation. We're not going to forget them.

As one of the most rural education authorities in England we still have a myriad of small schools nestled in our beautiful villages and we work extremely hard with these schools to deliver a high standard of education prior to young people moving on to larger academic centres distributed across our market towns.

Being at the forefront of education across a vast lowly populated area, we think the ‘new Tory model’ of Grammar schools is a distraction and an imposition from ‘on high’. We have not delivered a one type fits all model in Northumberland, we’ve listened to local communities and we’ve moulded educational establishments to area’s needs and hope to do so well into the future.


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