Sunday, 29 January 2017

Another CON from the CONdems - Britain’s most forgetful Councillor has done it again!

A Northumberland CONservative Councillor, Peter Jackson who is famous for forgetting about planning applications for a windfarm on his own land has shown that his penchant for the big CON continues. He went on TV this week to explain to all and sundry that those nasty pasties who run Northumberland County Hall had cut down a tree planted by the Queen Mother. His forgetfulness now includes forgetting to check his facts.

He did correctly remember that the Queen Mother had visited the County Hall Site in 1979 but he forgot that she hadn’t planted a tree!

She laid a foundation stone.

A Labour Party Spokesperson said: "A small area of trees and bushes outside County Hall has been cleared ahead of a planning decision for the new £5.7m Morpeth First School on this site.

"By doing some preparatory work now it would allow the scheme to progress more quickly if the proposals are given the green light, by removing those trees within the footprint of the proposed school buildings before birds come to nest in the spring”.

"Subject to planning permission, the new school is expected to open its doors in late 2018 and the landscaping scheme for the school seeks to retain as many of the existing trees as possible. This includes keeping most of the existing tree lined-avenue to create an attractive pedestrian route to the new school entrance.

The council has also removed some trees within the confines of its building to let staff enjoy higher light levels within their office environs. Low natural light levels is a health and safety issue. One wag in the offices said he’d now have to bring his sunglasses”

"We believe Cllr Jackson’s latest CON is another fairy tale concoction from a Cllr who has been nicknamed by some unkind residents as ‘Hans Christian Jackson’ given his penchant for exaggeration and fantasy. So, we’d challenge ‘Hans Christian Jackson’ to prove which tree was planted by the Queen Mother. In his world foundation stones seem to be confused with trees in the same way as he ‘forgot’ about his wind turbine application. We know he’s prone to ‘exaggeration’ given his fantasy finances where £80m is really £32m and £200m cuts from his government doesn’t even exist. The Queen Mother laid a foundation stone at County Hall in April 1979, but there was no specific tree planted by her at that time”.

"A commemorative tree at the front of County Hall has been retained, and will be relocated at a later date."

This short piece is accompanied by a picture of Cllr ‘Fairytale’ Jackson very own fantasy tree.

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