Monday, 6 March 2017

Tories keen to sell Pont down the river as they try to Say No to flood defences and a new by-pass for town.

Tories Dalliance with Ponteland is Well and Truly Over as Labour save the day!


As Northumberland Conservatives continue to try to set communities against each other, particularly their favoured settlement of Morpeth against the South East and Rural Coalfield areas of the County, labelling them the ‘socialist heartlands’ where they also spuriously claim that 80% of all money is spent in Blyth and Ashington, a statement that is completely untrue. We as Northumberland Labour were shocked that they have also decided to give up on Ponteland.


During all the antics of last weeks budget day attacks where the Conservatives savaged the Councils balanced budget without having anything to replace it with as they failed to submit a budget for debate. They moved a motion and voted for an amendment regarding ARCH that came from their Leader Peter Jackson a Ponteland Councillor, that would have set the Council on the road to bankruptcy, privatisation and years of contractual legal wranglings with the Homes and Communities Agency, BT, Northern Coalfields Property Company and Galliford Try Developers to name but a few.


They then went on to try to talk down the legal budget before them and attempted to stop any growth, support jobs, aid the recovery of the wider Northumberland economy, stop social services improvements and the building of a series of new schools to help improve young peoples lives.


But the most idiotic ideological matter that took place was by Councillor Jones another supposed Ponteland Councillor who moved an amendment to remove the budget elements that will deliver the River Pont Flood Defence scheme to safeguard homes in the Town and the cash in place to ensure the Ponteland by-pass gets built to take the pressure off some very vulnerable roads and ease pollution for Pontelands residents.

If I was voting in Medburn I would be asking why Councillor Jones wants me to sit in traffic jams when the cash is available to resolve the problem. The answer of course is that the Say NO to everything Northumberland Tories in their wish to support the Government want to drive the County into deep austerity. 

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