Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Tory MP for Berwick states all funding goes to South East of the County

Negative spin put out over the weekend by the Tory MP for Berwick, Anne-Marie Trevelyan who states that the Council steers all funding to the South East of the County whilst closing hospital beds in Rothbury, shows that she clearly doesn’t understand her own Governments Accredited Care Organisation Pilot or how Northumberland County Councils has to work with Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust and Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group and ensure that the finances to deliver care across Englands sparsest County are managed correctly.

It would be a complete travesty if Northumberland County Council allowed open access to the £177M we spend on care each year to be exposed to the ravages of NHS Contracts. Our appointment of the Councils CX as the Accountable Officer will safeguard the public purse and ensure we can manage to help those in greatest need through the seamless service we have created over the last four years..

Mrs Trevelyans spin was to blame the County Council for the closure of Rothbury Hospital. Currently Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group who are led by a governing body that has no link with the Council are appraising the situation.

Instead of criticising the Council for the ills of her Government she needs to get out a bit more in her Constituency and talk to the elderly and infirmed who have asked to be nursed at home instead of being stuck in hospital. She might then get a picture as to what an Accredited Care Organisation is and how Councils are NOT responsible for bed closures. 

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