Friday, 29 September 2017

£15M Move, Is it to Trade with China and the Far East?

Accounts presented to this weeks audit committee of Northumberland County Council show that the Tory ‘secret society’ have moved £15M of cash back from the Capital account into revenue. This was done without an emergency budget and without transparent public debate.

The move effectively stops the planning and development stages for much of the new infrastructure spending set out in the former Labour administrations manifesto, particularly the renewal program for Leisure Centres in Morpeth, Blyth and Berwick, with the Tories still promising to build a new centre in Ponteland in their Leader, Peter Jacksons ward.

The Tories ‘Secret society’ who don’t want to be questioned on any of their moves or plans have begun a new department at the Council, International department, that were rumoured is seeking to trade with China and the Far East. As The Tories tell Northumberland 'there's no cash left for leisure centre's in Blyth, Morpeth and Berwick, there's apparently cash for Beijing.

Its still a secret, as papers regarding this trade or the new department have not been revealed to opposition councillors and are not available in the public domain. Yet further evidence of the 'secret society' in action as decisions to saddle Northumberland tax payers with massive risks are taken by a small clique

Northumberland Tories who told the public that the arms length Council company ARCH was a Labour secret although the fruits of its work, leisure centres, office blocks, hotels, energy-farms, factories, houses etc., could be seen by all and sundry as they delivered tangible building projects Countywide, have long planned this overseas secret trade that cannot be seen, scrutinised or accessed.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “As members of the opposition we are concerned that the move of funds from capital projects back into revenue is to sponsor a new department trading with the far east, and will expose ratepayers cash to massive risks. Peter Jackson and his 'secret society' need to come clean and tell the public at open full Council meetings what is going on with their cash. He's said the council is 'struggling to pay its bills' yet he's potentially risking massive amounts of tax payers cash in risky deals in the Far East".

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