Saturday, 14 October 2017

Another 2% of Northumberland planned to be Under Concrete before Tories accept Leaders new application figures.

In a rush to get some figures out before the Tory Government sets new planning application figures for Northumberland, due to be released to the public in the next couple of weeks, Councillor Peter Jackson of Ponteland ran out a story that his administration will only accept 707 new applications each year from developers.

That story issued by Northumberland Conservative Group prior to a cabinet report stating Peter Jacksons Government want to help pay for community groups to deliver an additional 27 affordable homes for rent each year in the Countryside is secondary to his most recent debacle.

In deciding that Northumberland County Council will accept 707 new planning permissions, the forgetful Councillor Jackson omitted to tell the public that Northumberland County Council already have 21800 planning permissions granted and have no core strategy to show that a five year housing land supply is available for his newly numbered quota.

Those permissions add up to an area the size of Blyth, with 9193 domestic dwellings, Cramlington with 7965 homes and the villages of Holywell, Seaton Delaval, Seghill, New Hartley, Seaton Sluice along with Old Hartley, all parts of Seaton Valley, that bring with them 4657 houses. These major areas in the South East of the County cover almost 2% of the Counties landmass and permissions are already in place.

Northumberland Tories who’s promise to “halt the march of the developers” are showing how some selective memory has been inherited to cover up the real deal, that their hiding behind the adage ‘its not us mate, its our Government, Honest”.

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