Monday, 9 October 2017

Berwick and Morpeth to get as little as Blyth and Ashington as surveyors begin £57M Schools and Leisure Build in Ponteland.

Northumberland Conservatives who’s most memorable statement from their election campaign was that we (Northumberland Conservatives) will not invest in Ashington or Blyth.

That proud boast was what Councillor Peter Jackson stated had won the Local Government election in Northumberland for the Tories as he took power from the former minority administration where Labour was the largest party.

That minority administration was an investing one and had laid down the path to develop new leisure centres in Berwick, Morpeth, Blyth and Ponteland as well as a number of massive school works in Seaton Delaval, Amble, Morpeth, Hexham and Ponteland following on from  delivering schools  in Prudhoe and Bedlington  whilst supporting a new high school in Alnwick.

The Labour administrations aims were to grow all sectors of industry including the arts across the County modernising theatres and building a new one to replace the Phoenix in Blyth. They built over 1000 affordable homes and were also planning to rejuvinate Bedlington by building a new Town Centre and regenerate Ashington and grow its business base by centering 900 staff into a new office complex with an excellent working environment for staff in Ashington Town Centre.  

But Labours largest expenditure by far was their massive spend in Morpeth, investing heavily in its businesses and people through protecting it from flooding and taking the traffic pressure from its fabulous rural market place setting and fine historic streets by building a bypass.

In retaining his £57M investment scheme in his own ward and halting all other work County wide, Councillor Jackson has completely let down his new Councillors in the North and West of the County whilst removing the promise of new additional investment in Morpeth which will slow the growth of a town

A Labour party spokesperson said: “Councillor Jackson has not only let down his own wider team by taking the County into austerity he has let down the public who thought he and his team would deliver on their behalf. It appears Peter the Ponteland gentleman farmer is simply looking down his nose at other residents and the Towns his new Councillors work and play in and his only aim is to give it all to his own patch in Ponteland, fully forgetting Labours fair shares for all plans”.

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