Thursday, 5 October 2017

Spinning Councillor Turns 180˚ since May 2017

Councillor Jeff ‘spinner’ Watson, Amble West with Warkworth County Councillor, who a few years ago abandoned independent thinking to concentrate on right wing politics by joining Northumberland Conservative Party, has completely changed his mind since re-running for office in May 2017.

His campaign was entirely welded to the ’No more houses for Amble’ message pumped out to ensure that his thoughts lined up with that of his electorate.

The message everyone in Amble wanted to hear was quickly forgotten as the policy designed by Northumberland Tories to protect Ponteland and Hexham from additional housing numbers is rolled out and the Tory whip is engaged to ensure that any ‘independent thinking’ is lost forever.

The Northumberland Tory plan is simple, remove the core strategy document from its final examination by Government, to ensure that there is no proof that the Council can provide a five year housing land supply and accept as many housing applications across the South East and Rural Coalfield as possible to stop any development in Ponteland, Hexham and the Tyne Valley villages.

Councillor Watson who’s spun his heart out since the election by firstly dismissing Labour’s plans to revamp and regenerate James Calvert Spence school and then made a rousing supportive speech at last Tuesdays strategic planning committee as the 777th planning application for Amble was accepted since removal of the Core Strategy document by Councillor Watson and his team in June.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “its diabolical that the once independent Councillor Watson who led a campaign to stop excessive house building in Amble prior to May this year has spun completely around to save problems in the Tory leader Peter Jacksons patch at Ponteland”.  “Ponteland is getting a new school and Leisure Centre worth £52M plus additional infrastructure to support the wealthy residents there. All Amble is getting are new houses and no car park near its town centre shops, Jeff Watson certainly wants to ensure businesses fail in the rural coalfield.”

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