Saturday, 14 October 2017

Tories planning for the next major collapse of business in Northumberland

Northumberland Tories finance portfolio holder Nick Oliver of Corbridge is predicting a major downturn in growth across the County by 2021.

Its noticeable among Councillors across the region that Nick is being very cautious on the issue of Brexit and has decided early that Northumberland businesses will take the first and face the initial salvo and the  onslaught brought about by the mess his national Government is making of Brexit.

The Council has had a scheme running for the last four years under the last Labour administration to revalue business rates.

The business rate revaluation scheme contributes to the economic growth priority in the NCC Corporate Plan by providing assistance to businesses that will help to promote a more prosperous County that provides high wages, skilled jobs and opportunities to create thriving businesses.

Councillor Oliver along with his Tory team have decided that high wages and skilled workforces are not for them and they obviously predict thriving businesses will not exist by 2021.

The subsidy to help these very good businesses wasn’t huge but its being cut from almost £1000 down to £28 by 2021. For a small business that met the criteria £1000 was a good help.

We have seen the pressure a 5% levy on business rates has brought companies through the Hexham bid scheme with businessmen and owners facing jail sentences whether their business is successful or not. If they can’t see and a good number of them can’t see, what a bid scheme will do for them. Those businesses a number of whom may benefit from the revaluation scheme under Labour now need to ask Nick Oliver what on earth is he and his tight wad farmer led Council going to do to assist them now and into the future?

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