Friday, 19 January 2018

The Secret Society in practice as Tories launch 'schools consultation on two tiers' by excluding the parents.

Consultation branded a 'sham' after it emerges key decisions will be taken behind closed doors after parents and residents excluded from 31 Jan meetings. 

Northumberland County Council has been branded as a 'secret society' after it emerged that a consultation closing on 31 Jan would discuss a move to a two tier education system without parents. The plans which are shrouded in secrecy are set to be discussed by schools and religious bodies in a closed door session but parents and residents will only get to see the plans after decisions have already been made. Thousands of parents across Northumberland have expressed serious concerns about the move to two tier previously in Northumberland but the move to discuss the plan behind close doors will anger parents. 

Labour are calling for Cabinet member responsible for the secret meeting Cllr Wayne Daley to allow parents to attend and to publish his 'secret plans' to scrap three tier education. 

A Labour group spokesperson said 

"Peter Jackson the Council leader pledged to be the most transparent council in his first meeting last May and this is the latest example casting doubt on that claim. It's clear that there are major issues with education funding in Northumberland with huge disparities because of Tory government austerity but this leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. After years of championing three tier education for purely party political purposes, Cllr Day is seeking to introduce two tier education by stealth and secrecy. It's time for Northumberland Cons to allow residents to see how the 'secret society' really works and let residents in on their policies". 


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