Monday, 5 March 2018

Not seen much of your local conservatives lately?

The’re trying to blame the snow, but the real truth lies elsewhere. Northumberland Conservatives are skulking in the shadows because other conservatives have found them out.

The very Conservative with a capital C, Guy Opperman MP has come out against Councillor Wayne Daley’s plan to bring two tier education to the whole of the County, a step too far for the good people of the Tyne Valley who realise the damage such a change will have on the lifestyles they enjoy living in some of Britain’s most fabulous beauty spots.

They are digging holes and sheltering during daylight hours as panic has set in over the way austerity is being driven via the sports, tourism and leisure offer from the County Council’s portfolio holder for leisure services Councillor Homer as they hide behind the Council company ‘Active’ to deliver headlines to distract the forcing up of costs to local football and sports teams whilst slashing the budgets across Councillor Sanderson department to maintain changing rooms and keep pitches neat and tidy.

But the reason some of them have taken to the hills or decided to plough their fields and scatter out of the way of residents sight is that their Secretary of State for communities, Sajid Javid is after the pound of flesh he wants as Northumberland Conservatives defy the Parliamentary Conservative Party  and openly support the ‘No more homes in Ponteland’ campaign of the Council Leader, Councillor Jackson openly and actively defying his Government.

The conservatives with a little c are being led by their leader of Council into a very dangerous area with millions of pounds of tax payers cash wasted at stake. As a party they allowed Councillor Riddle to remove the core strategy from inspection by their Government and then announce a massive reduction in the number of homes down to 707 per year. A figure that raises a middle finger to their own Governments vision for a nation where homelessness will be history.

As a leading light among regional Conservatives and the leader in waiting, Councillor Wearmouth of Arch scrapping infamy must be annoyed as successive and costly debacles damage his future political ambitions. There's no longer time or space for a ‘u-turn’ so creep-back out into the daylight and take the punishment you deserve from the real Conservatives as well as the people your meant to serve.

C-Enough - is Enough


  1. The labour party introduced two tier education into Northumberland and now they are opposed to it in West Northumberland despite changing the systems in Cramlington Blyth Ashington and Bedlington. Then they were booted out of office. Now I see they are committed to three tier. Where have all the educational reasons gone that they strongly promoted?!

  2. The three tier education system works. The proposal will close financially viable schools with excellent Ofsted reports. They feed into the QE at Hexham which is the second best school in the north east for academic results. There is nothing to fix. The Conservative Councillors proposing these closures haven't even considered the impact on housing, businesses etc if these schools close. Let alone where the children will be reschooled, having to travel in average 12 miles further and out of catchment children unable to find a local place.
    Please complete the proposal NONE OF THE ABOVE on the options . Let's keep what works and our communities together