Tuesday, 29 May 2018

What’s in a name when planning without a Core Strategy?

 Allan Hepple, Labours shadow portfolio holder for planning

 NE24 3PW and NE24 5EY, what’s the difference? About a mile and a half across the town of Blyth actually, but in Northumberland Conservative planning terms  nothing at all!

 On 5th July 2017 the Leader of Northumberland County Council, Councillor Peter Jackson proposed that the Counties prime planning document the Local Plan and Core Strategy should be
 removed from inspection by Government, his party and the Bedlington Independent Conservatives voted it through.

 The removal of  the plan has led to planning problems in many areas with the Council having no defence in the planning appeal mechanism. The New Hartley loss of a planning appeal that will lead to an increase in the size of the village by 50% is a prime example of how no core strategy can effect communities.

 The two post codes described above is another. Both of these post codes above are for estates called North Farm, both in the same town, one under construction with homes up for sale and one already owned by the Council who gave planning permission that was built by Blyth UDC Council following the second world war.

 Allan Hepple, Labours shadow portfolio holder for planning said, “this is a prime example of how running without a core strategy can affect people’s lives, postal and delivery mistakes may
 become regular problems for the residents of both these estates.

The ‘new North Farm’ application came to members attention in 2015 and 2016, the application was for Newsham North Farm, South Newsham Road.

This gave development control officers the ideal opportunity and massive scope to derive a name that did not clash with another estate in the same town, the free for all that no core strategy has brought this County has led to this debacle, developers seem to be able to get away with  anything with development control having no teeth at all. I’m surprised the post office haven’t complained”.

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