Thursday, 14 June 2018

Cut Grass not Services in Northumberland

With the current Tory administration at County Hall delivering wholeheartedly on their own Governments austerity programme, we decided to look at what that means to local people and what local people have told Labour Councillors about the changes they’ve seen since May 2017.

In the towns of Ashington and Blyth where the Tory pre-election promises extolled the virtue of no spend in either of those two towns or in the Labour heartlands there is eyesight on how well they are keeping that promise Matters are so far behind that we’re seeing local Tories on photo shoots armed with plastic bags to try to convince people their austerity measures don’t have a profound effect on their neighbours.

Across the rest of the Labour held seats in Northumberland people can see a huge downturn and deterioration of services. In areas where parish councils are able to support services from their precepts grass cutting is up to cut five out of twenty yet its midsummer next week, weed control is miles behind and litter collection seems to be suffering from an enhanced lack of people on the ground. In areas where the parish can’t or won’t pay the ransom, the County commitment is down to two cuts per year.

Cllr . Glenn Sanderson is the portfolio holder for local servIces, In his press statements his concentration is centred on potholes. His parties manifesto promised to spend £100M repairing them.

On behalf of the people we represent we want some of that promised expenditure to be earmarked to support the entire Local Services programme and demand from Cllr. Sanderson a better offer for the Council taxpayers input into supporting your departments budget and require you to ‘Cut More Grass Not Services’.

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  1. Cramlington is having the same problem except for Wayne’s world dead grass is all over stopping the growth of new green grass it looks more like hay fields than grass parks and verges