Thursday, 5 July 2018

Its ‘Plain’ to see his Black Hole is his to fall into!

Councillor Nick Oliver of Corbridge the portfolio holder for Finance at Northumberland County Council is also the man famed for the loss of a long established company ‘Penny Plain’ when his business planning and his desire for acceleration of the business failed.

He now looks after the Budget and Financial Matters of Northumberland County Council valued around £1Bn in total yet he doesn’t know how to describe his most recent failures.

Just like his counterparts in Government who have sat there for the last eight years in office, the copycat Oliver is continually harping on about the last Labour administrations failures, particularly what he calls ‘Labours Black Hole’.

Today we have decided to expose why his well known lack of business planning skills when exposed in the Council financial sense has damaged his ability to understand why the Black Hole is actually the ‘Tory Black Hole’, always has been and always will be and its been caused through his failure to manage his own Government cuts and savings package.

In the last Labour Councils financial plan 2017-2020.  A savings requirement was identified of £36 million split over the following years, 2017-2018 £6 million, 2018-2019 £20 million, 2019-2020 £10 million. 

The new Conservative administration who’s finances are managed by Councillor Oliver, presented a plan which covered the period 2018-2022. He stated at the time that his administration would ensure sound business planning took place for every project they undertook.

Oliver’s 4 year plan including two of the years covered by the Labour Group administration plan.  He altered the savings plan over the two years common to both plans from £30 million to £29.3 million.

The two years added at the end of his plan period included further savings totalling £35.8 million.  Councillor Jackson in his budget speech spun this matter out as discovering a black hole of £65 million left by Labour. 

Councillor Oliver of Corbridge has continually run this misnomer as fact at each and every Council meeting he has spoken at, enhancing the knowledge to all in business and politics that his financial skills although never high are Titanically sinking fast.

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